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After the 30 day trial your subscription (digital-only version) is paid in monthly installments at a rate of $52.00* (excl GST) per month and can be cancelled at any time**. 

  • Individual user license
  • Full access to on all mobile devices
  • 1 research report used by farmers as purchasing decision references($95 value per report) For research report copy please request to
  • Access valuable information on cropping machinery and technology specialisation
  • Read about livestock production, equipment evaluations and operational efficiency
  • Unlimited access to an extensive research archive
  • Consult with our on-site engineers & research staff
  • Member exclusive - present your views to help us drive our annual research topics
  • Email newsletters (Mon, Wed, Friday)

 Note: If you wish to access the full archives and latest Research Reports please contact us at 08 6263 9100 or email us at 

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Terms and Conditions

A standard subscription to Farming Ahead entitles the subscription account holder access to the standard news and content within the website and app. Website user licenses and login details for Farming Ahead are for use only for the specified account holder, and are not to be shared or used to provide access to further users on a network.

*GST (where applicable) will be added. After the 30 Day Trial, price will revert to standard monthly rate above (+GSTwhere applicable) .

**You can cancel your subscription at any time and we will stop payment from the next payable date. if you do not cancel your subscription, we will continue to take payment each month at the standard digital monthly rate. To cancel your subscription you will need to email us at at least 10 days before your next payment is due to be taken.

**New users are only permitted to have one $1 trial in any twelve month period.



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About Farming Ahead

Kondinin Group's flagship publication Farming Ahead has set the tone for the agricultural industry for the past 60 years by delivering high value research findings, industry news, equipment reviews and agricultural information on best farming practices to its members. Kondinin Group prides itself on its commitment to being an integral part of the farming community and is widely regarded as a trusted partner in running Australia’s rural businesses.

How can I pay for my Membership?

You can pay for your membership by credit card. We accept all major credit cards including Amex, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa.

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For any question regarding your Kondinin Group membership, or if you need help managing your current account, please contact us on 08 6263 9100 or email